Geocaching on Vacation Time (Four Factors to Consider for a Great Geocache Adventure)

Geocaching, at times, seems to be a luxury that we just don't seem to find time for anymore.  And though I can't really put my finger on why, it doesn't take away from the fact that we enjoy it immensely when we do find the time.  Perhaps it's because we've found many of the caches in our area. Maybe its because we're a bit hesitant to pursue caches that are in high "muggle" areas...I don't really know.  What I do know, however, is that I consider about four factors necessary for a great geocaching experience:  time, location, availability, and someone to share the experience with.

Time.  This should be an obvious factor, though there have been times when I really didn't have time that I made time.  I recall spending my lunch hours searching for geocaches near my office...ever done that?  How about on the way to a special event?  Ever stopped to search for a cache that wasn't pre-planned?  I have.  (This is a great opportunity to plug the Geocaching App for smart phones.  The "find nearby geocaches" tool is very valuable!)  Vacation time, as in the case of this post, is another opportunity to find time for a cache or two.  That's just what we did on our recent trip to the North Georgia mountains...keep reading for more about that.

 From the Blue Valley Overlook-Highlands, NC

 (The "Old Iron Bridge" on the Chattooga River - Highlands, NC) ** Deliverance (the movie) was filmed on this river near this location.
 A geocache find in Cornelia, GA

 A geocache find in Sky Valley, GA

 Mud Creek Falls (Sky Valley, GA)

 Toccoa Falls, Toccoa, GA

 The Suspension Bridge at Tallulah Gorge State Park, GA

 The old fire tower on top of Rabun Bald. (Georgia's second highest peak)

 Dry Falls in Highland, NC

A footbridge on the way to Holcomb Creek Falls (Clayton, GA)

Location.  Are you a beach person or a mountain person?  For those that know me, there is no doubting that I'm a mountain kind of guy.  I'd much prefer being on a trail somewhere hiking through the wilderness, observing spectacular vistas, plant life, and the many various types of wildlife.  Rugged, fearless, inquisitive....that's me! (Well, almost, at least that's who I think I am).  I am particularly fond of hiking, and camping too!  The mountains, for me, present a kind of spiritual experience.  It is there that I am able to find my way back to zero and focus on the things of life that really matter.  In the mountains, I reflect on the glory of our Creator, for it is on full display.  I revel in His majesty! (See Psalm 104)  Furthermore, I am challenged to be a better steward of these great places, as well as my time, my resources, and my family.  Again I say, it is usually in the mountains that I find my way back to zero; my priorities are re-balanced.

Availability.  The initial thought is that availability and time are one and the same.  In this case, however, I'm suggesting that there needs to be available caches in the area in which you intend to visit.  Seems elementary, huh?  You'd be surprised how many times that we've went somewhere only to find that the "find nearby caches" didn't turn up any results nearby.  This is important, especially when time is involved.  Another factor that could be included with availability is tower reception if you're using a smart phone.  This was definitely an issue for us during our most recent time in the North Georgia mountains.

 Geocaching with family members is always nice.

 My Mother-in-law finding her first geocache. (My wife is also pictured)

 My lovely wife on the trail to the summit of Rabun Bald. (We were taking a breather).  She is the one that I most enjoy geocaching with.

 Here we are at Dry Falls in Highlands, NC.  We do 'selfies'!

My favorite pic of our most recent vacation!  Here my wife is sitting on a large boulder on the Chattooga River under the "Old Iron Bridge".  We enjoyed a picnic on this very spot!

Someone to Share the Experience With.  Lastly, I'd argue that sharing the experience with a loved one is time well spent!  In my case, my wife is with me nearly 100% of the time when I geocache.  We should consider the fact that geocaching with a spouse (or loved one) allows us to work together, communicate, laugh together, and at times compromise.  All of these lead for an excellent time of "togetherness" and can be appropriately applied to friendships as well.  Additionally, who doesn't love to share the joy of someone finding their first cache?  It is a joyous occasion!

In closing, while I'm sure there are many other factors to consider for a great geocaching adventure, these are what I've come up with.  Take time to contemplate them and let me know what you think.  Draw on your past experiences and ask yourself if you may have subconsciously considered these factors.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Sonny - you have really hit the nail on the head with this post. My husband and I were just saying how much we miss caching, there never seems to be the time. And when we do have an hour to run out, I'm tied of the same old boring lamp post hides. So I guess for right now we are doing less caches, but the ones we do find are more creative and in better locations

    1. Thanks for the comments, Kim...our sentiments exactly.

  2. I just ran across your blog and I would love to go see where deliverance was filmed. I have wanted to go there for years.


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