New Hobbies Add to the Excitement of a New Year!

As we close the book on 2012 and look to start fresh in 2013, I'd like to take time to reflect on a few "new" hobbies that garnered much of our attention in 2012.  In doing so, it is also with hope that these new hobbies will continue to play an integral part in our lives during 2013 and well beyond.

Geocaching.  While geocaching was not new to us in 2012, we were able to spend a lot of time honing our skills and enjoying this great hobby.  In particular, our geocaching exploits took us to some of Georgia's most beautiful state parks and we were rewarded with some special memories and family time that I consider priceless!  Geocaching is a great hobby, and it is one that we know we will want to continue enjoying for years to come.

Camping/Hiking.  Geocaching in our Georgia State Parks and other outdoor locations is the primary reason that our love for the outdoors blossomed.  Since many of our searches included hiking trails, we couldn't help but become enamored with such natural beauty.  The more we participated; the more we desired to be outside.  Additionally, those desires eventually led us into a great love of camping.  What better way to experience the great outdoors than by camping?!  We found our camping trip to Vogel State Park to be our most memorable.

 "The Mountain Shack" is the favorite photo that I took in 2012.

Photography.  As our time together in the outdoors increased, I did my best to capture those moments on my simple "point and shoot" camera.  With so many photographic opportunities, my passion soon grew.  I began to not only photograph my family, but I started to become more and more aware of the many other opportunities that our travels afforded us.  Mountains, wildlife, boats, bridges, and many other subjects found their way to my lens.  I have learned not to be hesitant with the amount of pictures I take, especially since I have a digital camera.  I simply take as many as I can, and then I download them to my laptop and delete the ones I do not wish to keep.  I share many of those photos on our Facebook site.

So here's to looking forward to a great 2013!  I hope that you will find as much joy in searching as you do in the discovery!


  1. Thanks and Happy New Year to you!

  2. I love the picture of the mountain shack. Great colors. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you and I hope you have a great New Year!

  3. Hello Sonny. This is Tiffany from A Little Campy. I am trying to contact you about a new project I am starting in Georgia. Could you please email me at tiffany(at)alittlecampy(dot)com? Thanks so much! -Tiffany


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