What is it About a Soldier?

This is my feeble attempt to pay honor to those who have served, and those who currently serve this great nation of ours.

What is it About a Soldier?

What is it about a soldier that makes him so different?
Tell us that we all will know.
Why is a soldier so courageous – so brave?
Why do they always seem willing to go?

Putting themselves in harm’s way,
Defending freedom for me;
What makes a soldier so fearless;
 And so committed to being free?

Though many give their lives,
Still, there are others that will come
Ready to give their life,
For it will be required from some.

Many return from battle weary, torn, and broken,
Never seeking notoriety or fame
With their hearts full of vivid memories,
Haunted by visions of destruction, death, and shame.

Sacrifice for some is to give but a little,
Barely is there a loss;
But that is not true for a soldier,
For he knows with sacrifice, there is a cost.

I can’t pretend to know,
Why a soldier’s heart is so true,
Or why one would give so much,
To protect me and you!

But what I know is this,
I’m grateful to all of these,
Who have given me a home of the brave,
And a land of the free.

Sonny Davis


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