Family Time at Grand Bay WMA

Wow!  Where has the time went?!  It seems as though I haven't written a post in a year (though it has really only been a few weeks).  Instead of complaining and giving a long list of excuses, I'll merely say that I have been busy and really haven't taken the time to sit down and post regularly here at the blog, however, I have been posting regularly on the Life Outside My Door Facebook page.  If you haven't "liked" us yet, please go over there and do so.

Most recently, Karen, Jacob, and I visited a nearby Wildlife Management Area here in our hometown of Valdosta, Georgia.  It was only a short 5 mile drive and we took our two little trail dogs, Walker and Spencer, with us.  We have visited this place before, so it was nothing new.  This outing was simply about getting out and enjoying each others company on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I also planned to take a few pics along the way.

Walker loves a road trip!

Spencer is a bit more cautious about sticking his head out the window.

Upon arriving at the WMA, we proceeded slowly down the dirt drive for about 3/4 mile before getting to the trail entry.  We parked our cars, put the leashes on the dogs and proceeded towards the boardwalk.  It was then that we noticed a "No Dogs Allowed" sign at the head of the trail.  Please don't tell anyone that we pretended not to see the sign, but we had came this far and we really didn't want to turn around and go home and waste this perfectly good trip.  Note to self:  find out rules prior to attempting such an outing next time.

Notice the sign "User Fee Area"....Ummm...yea, we knew that too.

The trail itself was a boardwalk out through Grand Bay swamp and while some may not think it very interesting, others, like me, will enjoy the unique beauty of swamp life.  Of particular interest here are Cypress trees and knees, and moss in the treetops.  There are also duck blinds throughout the swamp, and there is a 90 foot tower at the end of the trail that provides an excellent view from up high.  Bird watching platforms are also available along the way.

 After spending about an hour and a half enjoy the scenery, we loaded back up and began our drive out of the park.  While doing so, I scanned the ditches off the side of the dirt road hoping to see an alligator.  Finally, just as I hoped, Jacob and I were thrilled when we were able to get out and snap a few pics of this little dude.  Don't worry though, we were very cautious and diligent to make sure momma wasn't around.

I know the narrative to this post was rather brief, and I hope that you enjoy the pics, but as I said previously, we really haven't been able to get out as much as of late.  On this day, however, we really enjoyed ourselves as we got out and experienced life outside of our door.


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