Seasons Inn: A Place You'll Want to Stay Over and Over.

One could find many reasons to enjoy a vacation.  Whether it be a destination or attraction, time away from work, or just plain ole quality family time, there are a host of things that one could draw from to help make a vacation memorable.  That's the typical logic, at least.  For me, our most recent trip to the North Georgia mountains was made most memorable by the people we met...the friends that we made.  And while I'll readily admit that we don't usually make many friends on vacations, we met some of the most friendly and wonderful people that anyone could ever wish to meet during our week's stay.  Those kind of people will cause us to want to return to the area over and over.

A few months ago, I started a Facebook page as a supplement to this blog.  On that page, I post lots of pictures of our vacations/travels.  Since we had been to the North Georgia mountains twice since Memorial Day, I had posted plenty of pics and stories leading up to now.  It was through our Facebook page and our past journey through some of the towns that we'd revisit, that we've met some interesting people and learned of some great things to do.  In fact, much of what we planned during this past vacation was based on suggestions from some of those great people.  Additionally, we also planned to support some of those establishments that had "liked us" on our Facebook page.  We are glad that we did!  Today's post is about one of those establishments, the Seasons Inn.

Our choice for a place to stay was made primarily because of a previous trip that my youngest son and I had taken back in July.  While making a whirlwind tour through the state parks in North Georgia, Jacob and I stayed for a night at the Seasons Inn Motel located in Blairsville, Georgia.  From the time we checked in, we were able to meet Colleen, the co-owner of the motel, and after learning a bit about us, she quickly turned her attention to the fact that Jacob was a baseball player.  She then introduced us to another couple standing in the lobby and told us that the man was the father of the head baseball coach at the nearby Young Harris College.  We traded other small talk and as we went to our room, we both thought that to be a "cool" experience.  That experience and the time that she spent talking to us really made a good impression, but the fact that we found the room to be very budget friendly and extremely clean and comfortable left even more of a favorable impression.  In fact, it was the very reason that we chose to plan to stay there again during this vacation.  We found that those impressions were exactly duplicated during this trip, and then some!  These are real people that have their priorities straight.  At the Seasons Inn Motel, you are sure to get a VERY CLEAN and comfortable room.  You'll also get to meet some of the FRIENDLIEST AND NICEST people ever!  GREAT service and a GREAT night's stay without breaking the that's what I call having your priorities straight.  It is the perfect business model.  Lest I forget to mention, we were able to meet Colleen's husband and co-owner, Chris, during this time.  He and I did quite a bit of talking and he was instrumental in recommending some of the great things that we did such as visiting Mercier Orchards, the Union County Courthouse, and breakfast at the "Hole in the Wall".  He also agreed that we'd have a great trail ride at A Step Above Stables when he learned that we'd already made reservations to take one.  Because of their great service, we definitely plan to stay at Seasons Inn Motel again during our next trip and we HIGHLY recommend that you check it out'll be glad that you did!  You may also want to check out their very high ratings at the Trip Advisor site.  You will find out that many others will tell you the same thing that I am saying.

Seaons Inn Motel is located at 94 Town Square, Blairsville, Ga.  30512  (Phone:  800-901-4422)
You can check out their website here:
Check out their review at the Trip Advisor website.  Click here:  Trip Advisor-Seasons Inn


  1. It's people like you, who take the time to go out of their way to let people know about us, that keep us encouraged to keep going out of our way to make sure people enjoy their stay in the mountains! Thank you seems so very little, but we do thank you for this great post and review. We are so glad you enjoyed both trips to Seasons Inn and we look forward to seeing you again. Let's've done summer and fall...looks like winter should be your next adventure!!!

    Keep looking for life outside your door and the rest of us will keep doing the same. Happy Sunday!!!

    Colleen :)

  2. Thank you for the kind words Colleen. We hope that many others will choose to stay at Seasons Inn so that they may find out what what we know to be true. I am more than happy to spread the word.

  3. I wish people would put up more posts like this recommending good places to stay. One of the biggest reasons my husband doesn't like to travel is because he hates trying to find a decently priced hotel, in a good area, that is clean. It's kind of hit or miss when you're on the road and we've checked in to some decent looking places, only to walk right back out once we saw the room. If we drive through Ga, we'll be sure to stop here and tell them "Sonny sent us!" I'm pinning this on my vacation board.

    1. Thanks for the comments Kim. I agree with you that it is difficult to find a good, decently priced place to stay. We are very glad that we found this one and we certainly intend to stay there more often.

  4. Colleen and Chris are great folks and Season's Inn it the place to stay if you're in Blairsville! See their website for more pictures and information.


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