A Good Week for Geocaching

I suppose that some of you would argue that any week is a good week for geocaching, right?  Others, like me, would suggest that work often gets in the way of what we really want to do....geocache.  Is that more like you?  Well, this past week was significant in that my schedule allowed me to indulge myself with quite a bit more cache hunts during the week, instead of merely relegating them to the weekend.  So excuse me while I take the liberty to share a few tidbits with you from this past week.

For starters, I'd like to give a glowing recommendation to the Geocaching app for the iPhone.  And while I understand that everyone doesn't use a smartphone for geocaching, if you haven't tried it, you should.  For $9.99, this app has two specific functions that I feel make the cost worth it.  The first function that I love is the "Find Nearby Geocaches"  How cool is that?  Once the GPS locates your coordinates, the app will initially provide you with up to 10 nearby caches.  You can add more if you'd like.  Then, you simply navigate to the cache.  This allows you to be totally mobile and not have to rely on previously downloaded caches to a handheld GPS.  Just think, if you are like me and the opportunity for a short workday presents itself, totally unexpected, you can access your app and hit a few geocaches on the way home.  Again, I love this!  The second function of the app that I really admire is the "Post a Log/Field Note".  This function allows you to record your finds, or DNFs, fill out the log, and post it to the Geocaching.com website immediately.  It is a great tool, indeed!  I'm sure that there are many other reviews for this app, but for the sake of my post, I'm merely providing a tidbit.  You can learn more about the app here:  Geocaching app for iPhone.

Perhaps even more exciting than my Geocaching iPhone app is the fact that I hid our first cache this week!  Yes!  "No Roses for Roseway" is mine (and my wife's, aka KDAWG.  Together we are Team DAWGTRAX).  GC3PEJA is our first placement and is located in beautiful Thomasville, Georgia (just down the street from where I work).  It is a simple micro cache slightly larger than a 35mm film container and should be an easy park and grab.  At the time of this post, three geocachers have logged finds, with blondicopper recording a FTF.  We found that it was so exciting to hide a cache, that I've already loaded three more and hope to place them soon.  The highlight of those will be our geocache designed specifically for kids and will be part of a series.  It is designed for those geocaching families with small children.  We can hardly wait!

Lastly, my wife and I set our personal best of seven finds in a day on last Sunday.  We broke that mark on yesterday with eight!  I recognize that might not seem like much for other "more experienced" geocachers, but we find satisfaction in it.  Additionally, we are closing in on our 100th find milestone and at the time of this post are only 15 away!  We are hoping that we can find those today, but yard work may get in the way (just like my job does sometimes).

So there you have it....our Geocaching week in review.  How about yours?


  1. Nice hide! Be careful, hiding them gets addicting! And being SO close to 100, I think you need to let the yard work go and go caching!! 15 in one day would also set a new personal 1 day best for you....

  2. I probably could let the yard work go had I not done so for the past week and a half. Like I said, some things just get in the way of those things that we'd rather be doing...LOL


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