"You Geo-what???"

If you are an avid Geocacher, it's inevitable that you will eventually try to introduce your new found hobby to a friend.  Be prepared... at that point, you are liable to be quizzed by semi-interested, but ignorant friends, that are convinced you've been duped by some type of multi-level, pyramid type of scheme and are now trying to scam them!  They may even think that you've been converted to some type of strange religion!  It won't take you long to figure this out, because once they've had time to digest what you've said, they'll give you the look!  You know that look. We've all seen it.  It starts with a gradual eye opening, then squinting as if to peer straight into your brain.  The eyebrows raise.  The forehead wrinkles, and then the eyebrows push together.  This is usually followed by the question "You Geo-what??"  It is said with somewhat of a comical tone and a smirk, and at this point, everything that your friend has thought of you until now is put to the test.  He, or she, is now thinking that you may not be quite as intelligent as once thought.  Or worse than that, they might even think that you've converted over to the Nerd side!  You are now on the verge of being in the same class of people as door to door encyclopedia salesmen, vacuum cleaner salesmen, UFO/Ghost/Bigfoot Hunters..."How could you be so gullible?" your friend ponders quietly.  But thankfully, due to respect for you, your friend will often allow you to explain your new found hobby.

So, the question to you  is...what do you say next??
Will you reply with your comments so that we can figure this out together?
Any humorous stories?

I'd love to hear from you.

**Note:  the author is not attempting to be demeaning towards door to door salespersons, or UFO/Ghost/Bigfoot Hunters, but is merely attempting to illustrate the stereotype.


  1. I always put a spin on it that's it's like being on a treasure hunt because to me, it is!

  2. I agree, Kim. That is mostly what we say too. I've also been known to get quite animated explaining how thrilling it is to download a set of numbers and then track down a cache miles away from my home (or nearby if I prefer). When asked what is in the cache, I usually just say "small trinkets", but the fun part for me is just finding it (the hunt). If necessary, I will go into further detail, but I think they usually get the message when they see how excited/enthusiastic I get while talking about geocaching.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Be sure to visit a podcast I did about geocaching. After the first few minutes of host chatter we get down to the caching stuff.


  4. Thanks. I'll certainly do that.


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