A Quick Park and Grab Makes Tough Work Day All Better

On my way home from a tough day of work, I found myself pondering how difficult the next few days were gonna be.  Then, somewhere from the deep confines of my brain came a wonderful idea.  Why not take out my trusty Geocache iPhone app and see if there are any caches nearby?  I did just that, and wouldn't you know it, there was one approximately 3 miles from my current location and it was on the way!  The description placed it at a site that I travel past each day to and from work, so I knew exactly where it was.  The hint labeled it as "An easy park and grab.  What more could you want?"  So like an addict needing to feed an addiction, I quickly whipped my car into the site and found the stash within minutes.  And do you know what?  Somehow, things were all better!

Have you ever experienced this?

I love Geocaching!


  1. Oh man, have I done this before???? You bet I have! I remember it was a lousy day, I was beat down by the man and on my way home, suddenly my gmail lit up with a new cache only 2 miles from my front door. One FTF later I was on top of the world! I knew right there and then, I was cache crazy!
    Thanks for bringing up the memory....

  2. It is a great feeling! I actually did this the very next day, as well, however, I took a co-worker with me for his first geocache experience. The cache was less than a mile from our office, and turned out to be an easy find. I think he may be hooked too.


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