I Watch Too Many Scary Movies

Though Hollywood has started to come around and produce genuinely scary movies in recent years, for the most part, most movies termed "scary" or "horror" are merely full of blood and gore. Quite frankly, they aren't scary at all.  In fact, it's really hard to find a good scary movie these days and without going too far discussing my disdain for what Hollywood has to offer in this genre, I'll simply say that the last movie I've seen that I thought was a genuinely scary movie was "The Strangers".  It's worth checking out.

At this point, you may be wondering what this post has to do with an outdoors type of blog, but if you'll continue reading, I promise that I'll try to tie this all together by the end.

One movie series that I definitely wouldn't classify as scary, but will serve this post well, is the "Wrong Turn" series.  And since I really don't want to take up too much time providing a review, I will give it credit and say that it does serve its "slasher" genre well.  To summarize the movie, I've copied the following synopsis about the movie from Blu-raystats.comAn indescribably nightmare begins when a group of young friends is stranded on an isolated road deep in the Appalachian hills of West Virginia, with no hope of rescue. Desperate and fearing for their lives, the horror surges as they find themselves relentlessly pursued by a force of evil beyond their imagination!

With the aforementioned prose in mind, you will now understand what was going through my mind when we encountered this sign on a trail at Smithgall Woods State Park in North Georgia (the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains).

(Please excuse my "Oh $%*& !!  look)

In spite of our trembling and trepidation, we reluctantly chose to follow the signs, and I'm happy to say that all ended well.  In fact, all kidding aside, Smithgall Woods State Park is a beautiful park and will be one of the ones we visit again soon, hopefully.

I'd be interested to hear about some of your most interesting encounters while out on the trail.  Feel free to email me or post in the comments.  Hope to hear from you soon.


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