Favorite Posts Friday: Apps and Podcasts

For today's posts, I've mixed in a few iPhone apps that I feel that are important to anyone that spends time outdoors.  You may find that you have some, or all, and you may find that some are a bit outdated.  Nonetheless, they are here for you to check out.  Since I only included iPhone apps (because that's what I use), you may need to check to see if they are available for your particular platform.  You'll also find a few podcast sites that I've discovered recently.  Again, if you know of others, please let me know.

If you have any suggestions for Favorite Posts Friday, feel free to send them to me via the comments.


Geocaching for iPhone:  Apple iTunes Preview 

Geocaching Intro for iPhone:  Apple iTunes Preview  (Great for introducing people to Geocaching!)

First Aid by American Red Cross:  Apple iTunes Preview

Pocket Ranger App:  Apple iTunes Preview  (for those who enjoy State Parks)

MotionX GPS:  Apple iTunes Preview


Geocaching Podcast:  Click here

Caching in the NorthWest:  Click here

PodCacher:  Click here


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