Favorite Posts Friday

Welcome to a new foray for the Life Outside My Door blog.  Hopefully, today's post title will become a mainstay here at the site.  So, what can you expect from Favorite Posts Friday?  Simply put, I will collect interesting posts throughout the week and link them here.  These posts will be primarily those in which I come across, but you are also welcome to contribute through the comments as well.

This week's favorite posts:

How to Use a (Busted) Cell Phone to Meet 5 Basic Survival Needs  (The Art of Manliness)

BioLite Campstove  (Great new product for campers and hikers - read about it here)

The Non-Technical Guide to Taking Great Outdoor Photos of Kids  (Go Explore Nature)

Tips for Hydrating in the Backcountry  (Hydration Summit)

Ten Easy Camping Lunch Recipes (Camping Road Trip)

Best Backpacking Toilet Paper (Section Hiker)

**Websites follow post title.


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