Getting Fit and Losing Weight

The great thing about being outdoors is that it affords one the opportunity to do some type of physical activity which could ultimately result in better health, and yes...weight loss.  Certainly there are many more benefits, however, for me personally, life outside my door has allowed me to lose the weight that I have accumulated over the past few years living behind my door in my recliner.  Trail hikes, Geocaching, walks, jogs, and now a 5K, are prime examples of some outdoor activities that I have grown to enjoy.  As a result of these activities, coupled with better eating habits, I have now shed 30 lbs in about a month and a half!!  Yes...30lbs!

Using the outdoors as motivation for weight loss has been easy for me.  Since my wife and I started Geocaching, we progressed naturally into trail hiking.  This created within me a desire to be outside much more.  And while it is impractical for my family to be gone every weekend enjoying these two hobbies, it isn't as impractical for me to be out walking or jogging.  We frequent a nearby high school track together, but I also enjoy some alone time for a nice jog from time to time.  I find that it is very refreshing and it helps to clear my mind.

A couple of weeks ago, we were able participate in a 1 mile walk for a breast cancer benefit.  The event was officially a 5K, but we opted to do the 1 miler with all of the kids instead.  It was an enjoyable experience, and since it was in honor of a local school teacher, and since we currently have a family friend that is battling breast cancer, we were proud to participate.

Today, my wife and I are actually going to run in the Azalea Festival 5K here in our home town of Valdosta.  I have run in quite a few before, but it is my wife's first attempt at a 5K (she usually does the 1 mile walks).  My goals are simple:  run the entire length, and live to talk about it...LOL.  Seriously though, I have been training for it, so hopefully all of the hard work will pay off!  I know one thing for certain, however, it will be much easier to accomplish with 30lbs off of my feet.

Stay tuned for a post related to this event.  In the meantime, why not get outside and enjoy the life outside of your door?


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