The Art Expo at Three Georgia State Parks

"It seems as though there is a masterpiece around every corner.  These views are great pieces of art!"

I exclaimed the above words to my wife during one of our most recent outings to some Georgia State Parks.  And since we visited three parks in one day (George T. Bagby, Providence Canyon, Florence Marina), we felt as though our pictures would provide us with many, many "masterpieces".  In all, my wife, my son, and I traversed about six miles worth of trails that day, but neither of us felt like it.  Rather, much of our time was spent taking pictures and catching our breath after awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, gasps for air as we viewed some of the most magnificent natural scenery to be found.  Quite different from those traditional snow-capped mountain pics that easily draw ones attention, the beauty we found was Autumn's unique splashing of colors throughout the forests, scattered amidst a lake, and throughout gorgeous canyons.

I couldn't help but attempt to capture every scene and take in each moment.  The view was stunning...breathtaking!  With my family beside me, we were blessed with a view of God's very own handiwork, and it was if He was telling us "this is just for you." 

Our stroll through this exquisite art expo was not without a few unique snapshots either.

When it was all said and done, we had hiked the Chattahoochee and the Lake Loop trails at George T. Bagby State Park, and the Canyon Loop Trail at Providence Canyon State Park.  We had also managed to find time for a Geocache adventure at George T. Bagby and Florence Marina State Park.  The Chattahoochee Trail and the Canyon Loop trails were 2+ miles long and rated "easy to moderate" (The Lake Loop was jut under a mile), though the Canyon Loop Trail at Providence Canyon was a bit more challenging with its inclines, declines, and muddy creek beds.  We found both to be quite enjoyable and were able to handle them easily.  Quite a few dogs were seen taking their humans for a walk at Providence Canyon, as well.  Neither seemed to be having a hard time.

You can find more information about the parks we visited by clicking the following links:


  1. Great shots! Never seena truck wrecked through a tree like that. Crazy drivers. Stumbled across your blog and now following.

  2. Glad you visited the site...the truck wrapped around the tree is a unique sight indeed.

  3. I'm slowly making my way thru your blog. What beautiful trails and pictures on this post.

  4. Thank you Kim...they were beautiful indeed.


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