Hot Biscuits and Cane Syrup!

Yum!  Yum!  But wait a are hot biscuits and cane syrup relevant to this blog?  It's the pictures that I take.  They have to get better.  Read more below.

Since I have decided to document our outdoor travel adventures, I've noticed a bland tone to some of the pictures I take.  In fact, it can be said that most of the slide shows I've presented contain the same stuff:  trees, spiders, and mushrooms!  It should be known, however, that for the most part, this is what each location has presented thus far.  On at least three of our trips, the trails seemed to look exactly the same.

From here forward, I have decided to commit to being a better photographer.  Though my wife thinks I do fine, we are merely amateurs judging amateurish work (I'm truly thankful for her encouragement though).  To do this, I have started doing much more reading online about this topic.  You know, things like "How to Take Better Pictures", "How to Be a Better Photographer", "10 Tips That Will Help You Take Better Pictures"...that kind of stuff.

In the end, I trust that my continued education into this subject matter will pay off.  In the meantime, please continue to veiw and comment on the slideshows and posts.  Constructive comments are always welcome.


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