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A Camper's Checklist: Choosing Your Meals

Having previously noted that choosing the right camping destination in advance should be number one on a camper's checklist, it's time to move to a second important thing to consider - the camp meals.  Depending on how elaborate you wish to be with your campsite delicacies, I'll try to list some helpful tips for what is considered by many to be one of the most memorable times of a camping trip.  The following advice comes from our experiences, and if you have others, we'd be glad to hear about them.

    Pre-cook meals at home.  Quite frankly, this tip was introduced to us by my parents.  Up until we spent a weekend with them at Red Top Mountain State Park, GA., we had always prepared our meals at the campsite.  This time, however, my mother had cooked ribs at her house the day before our camping trip.  When we decided to eat them on a Saturday night, we simply threw them on the grill (still wrapped in foil) to heat them up, and then we served them with corn on th…

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